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What To Do In Case Of An Emergency 

In case of an emergency, and you are unable to contact the NGTS office, here are a list of resources that may aid you in your time of need. If you find that your emergency is life threatening, please call 911 or one of the listed nearby hospitals to receive the appropriate care. 


Care Centers

Howard County General

5755 Cedar Ln

Columbia, MD 21044

(410 740-7890

Laurel Regional Hospital

7300 Van Dusen Rd

Laurel, MD 20707

(301) 725-4300

Prince George's Hospital Ctr

3001 Hospital Drive

Cheverly, MD 20785

(301) 618-2000

Holy Cross Hospital 

1500 Forest Glen Rd

Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 754-7000

To access a hospital or care facility that is not listed, please click on the link below and you will be directed to Maryland Hospitals site.

Self Soothing Techniques


Click the button below to access Maryland's Health Emergency Hotlines.

Step 1: Breathing

Gain control of your breathing. When people become overwhelmed, they often find themselves either holding their breath a lot or breathing shallowly. Change your breath so that it is even and you take regular deep breaths. Take your time inhaling and exhaling. 

Step 2: Relaxation

The goal is to fond tension in the body. First tense and then relax the muscle groups. Pay attention to your face, particularly  your forehead and jaw. Next focus on your neck, shoulders, arms, and back tension. 

Step 3: Heaviness

As you begun to notice these area of tension, imagine that these parts are becoming heavy. Imagine yourself feeling the heaviness in them.

Step 4: Warmth

Imagine your body parts, particularly  the ones you've notices tension in, becoming warm. Say to yourself : My forehead is becoming relaxed and warm..." three times. Do this for each part of your body. 

Step 5: Imagery

Imagine a very personal place where you can go to feel calm. The idea is to focus on one calming vision or idea. Imagine this place vividly as you calm yourself down. Try to use all of your senses for additional meditation. 

Information provided by Drs. John &Julie Schwartz Gottman

Copyright 2000-2011

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